Monday, April 05, 2010


Day Acht was essentially a repeat of Day Seiben, except that it was a regular weekday for us but the final day of the looooong holiday weekend for the rest of Germany. El Niño headed off to school on the bus this morning and Cheeseball and I spent most of the day wandering back and forth from the park to the hotel. Since most everything was closed again, I gave in and took Cheeseball to Burger King for lunch. I also spent some time searching for housing online. Of course, when another lady in the hotel asked her what she did while her brother was at school, she said "we go to Burger King and my mommy sits on the computer while I watch tv." ???!?!? We spent hours at the park and walking the dog around this morning and this is the first time we've been to Burger King since arriving in Germany, I don't know what she's talking about. Thanks, Cheeseball.

After we picked El niño up at the bus stop, we walked back over to the. coolest. park. EVER. and ate doner kebab again, for dinner. El niño invited other kids from the hotel to the park with us, but their mom told him that a mile was too far to walk for her kids. I'm glad the kiddos are embracing this whole powered by foot thing as well as they are, because I only have to scroll back through the blog to see what we would be missing out on otherwise.

As promised, pictures of the. coolest. park. EVER:

Park in Sindelfingen, Stadt-Mitte
the. coolest. entrance. EVER.

Park in Sindelfingen, Stadt-Mitte
Tree house!

Park in Sindelfingen, Stadt-Mitte

Cheeseball filling up the bucket with sand for El niño to hoist up by pulley.

El niño dumping out said bucket through the "sand chute".

All parks should have hammocks.

Cheeseball petting the nice, three-headed dragon. She would probably name it and drag it home with us to snuggle up with at nap time, if only it were real.

I also managed to take my own pictures of doner kebab and donerteller tonight, but really they don't look any different than the lifted picture I used yesterday.

Doner kebab


And, the yarn shop was still teasing me with beautiful fibers in the windows but locks on the doors.

Sindelfingen yarn store

Sindelfingen yarn store

Tomorrow, I go look at houses for the first time. I'm excited, but a little nervous about the timing. I just hope we don't find the perfect place and lose it while waiting for resolution in our big battle with the Housing Office.

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Alicia said...

I wonder if Germans are just less sue-happy so they don't have such strict rules about playground equipment? Whereas we sue if coffee is hot and so we have to dumb everything down to the most gentle version of itself. Plastic, curved, padded.

Glad you brought along your camera today!

Jennifer said...

That's exactly what we're thinking. And Germans seem to be less protective of their kids, in general. I daily have heart attack moments while people let their babies toddle up the giant rock mountain and wrestle eachother down the super tall slides. They seem to be fine with it.