Sunday, April 25, 2010


Another beautiful day in Germany, another excursion and lots of pictures! We wandered around Sindelfingen (the town housing our hotel) today, through the stadtmitte area and up to the Klostersee lake. We had a lovely picnic lunch and picked up some trash left behind by weekend partiers. As El Niño says, we have to take care of the Earth even when it's not Earth Day!

Sindelfingen Stadthalle
These remind me of cherry blossoms. When the wind blows a little, it feels like it's snowing. So pretty!

Sindelfingen, Germany. Martinskirche
The steeple belongs to Martinskirche (St. Martin's Church), the oldest building in town.

Sindelfingen, Germany

Klostersee, Sindelfingen
A view from a picnic.

Klostersee, Sindelfingen

Sindelfingen cat sign
Careful! Battle cat!

i-Punkt, Sindelfingen, Germany
Just a random government office. But, pretty.

Sindelfingen, Germany
Small private garden next to the lake.

Cheeseball making space for a tired Bug.

A few more photos from today on flickr. A perfect day all around.


Gen said...

HAHA @ Battle Cat....does it really say that? Crazy! I love the first pic (what a gorgeous tree!), the photo of the kiddos on the dock, and the one of Baby A with Bug. Who knew Germany was so gorgeous in the Spring?

Jennifer said...

That's what it says, literally. I'm not sure if there's a different colloquial translation like watchcat or something. Hilarious, though!

Thanks! I know, right!? I've been so pleasantly surprised!