Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dreizehn unt Vierzehn

I didn't post yesterday because nothing really new happened and also we had hit our limit on indecipherable German language television and used the computer to watch a Harry Potter movie for most of the evening. Turns out we only packed movies for the kids. Oh well.

We did spend our usual morning at the park and then wandered over to the mall. I picked up another pair of absurdly expensive and hideously ugly shoes. A week and a half of walking miles a day in Converse skimmers and Roxy sneakers took their toll, and I developed a terrible pain in my left heel. I have no idea what it is, but barefoot I feel fine. As soon as I put a shoe on, my heel kills with every step. It's almost like it's bruised...? The clogs solve that problem. Unfortunately, they introduce the problem of severe social embarrassment, but whatever.

Today, we decided to hop on the S-Bahn train and ride up to Stuttgart to wander around. We weren't entirely sure we were understanding the train schedule and map, but we figured it didn't really matter where we got off. Wherever we ended up would be different than where we started and it would be fun to explore.

It did turn out that we understood, and we ended up in Stuttgart Stadt-Mitte, like planned. Sans my camera. Of course. It was fun being in a city for the first time in a long time. And it's a beautiful and fascinating city! It's the most interesting hodgepodge of stores, fountains, huge pedestrian-only zones and amazing old architecture, like the Stiftskirche...

Stiftskirche, Stuttgart
Photo by Archangeli on Flickr

...which is just down the street from Louis Vuitton and Escada Sport stores and around the corner from a Table Dance! Girls! Cabaret! (ENTER HERE, AMERICAN SOLDIERS!).

Also in the same area, is the amazing das Neue Schloss (New Castle). New, because it was built around 1775. New. Ha ha ha, this place is awesome. The castle is in the central square of the city, called the Schlossplatz and the area is just incredible. In fact, I had a moment. Walking into this square, with a street musician playing a polka on the accordion, it all of a sudden hit me that ohmigod I'm in Europe and this is so beautiful and I LIVE HERE. !!! It was really special and I appreciate this opportunity all the more.

Schlossplatz Tag
Photo by dts1013 on Flickr

Photo by Sugeo on Flickr

Isn't that beautiful? I wish we could tour the inside, but I'm sure there will be many castles to be seen and explored while we're here. Any suggestions for the best ones to hit?

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Lea said...

You may just have to break down and get yourself some Birkenstocks. ;)

Don't miss Neuschwanstein castle. Cheeseball will love that.

Jennifer said...

Lol Lea, I have some! My Dad keeps me supplied with a pair of Birkenstocks at all times. Cheeseball wrecked the last pair, but I scored another pair posthaste. (Miranda's baby breaks water on Dolce & Gabbanas but my baby attacks Birkenstocks.)

Ahhh that looks beautiful! And she would totally recognize and love that!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I recommend the castle in Ludwigsburg. Not even an hour away ind awesome! You can even go by train.