Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We looked at some houses today! The first one was very modern and updated and nice, although the layout was very different than what I'm used to. It was four stories! Each of the stories was tiny and the staircases were perilous, but there were 5 bedrooms (!), a cellar with washer/dryer hookups and a nice terrace as well as a small enclosed yard-ish area that would mean we wouldn't have to put Bug on a leash every time the little guy had to pee. The living room was teeny tiny, but the 5th "bedroom" was really the entire top floor and would serve as a great, open living room.

I think the kitchen was my favorite part.


The only problem with the house was it's location. It's in a small village, a few km outside of the larger cities that we prefer. Like every village in Germany, there is a city center with groceries, bakeries, a cafe and a few other things. The house itself is very close to the city center, across the street from a kindergarten and within walking distance from two parks and playgrounds. There is a bus stop very close to the house and a train station somewhere in the village. I'd be able to walk to all the daily things we would need, and public transportation is excellent here. I just would really like to be able to walk to more things...more restaurants, more stores, more everything... So, it's not the perfect place for us, but we're keeping it on the back burner.

The second place we saw was just no. It was waaaaaaay out in the country, way too rural, had a weird layout (a bathtub in the master bedroom!?) and was just no.

The last place was an apartment. We've realized - after the last week and a half in the hotel - that an apartment just isn't ideal with two kids. It's always shhhhh! and no running! and oh my god were you two raised in a barn!?!?. But, we looked at it anyway. It was nice and pretty close to Stuttgart, but probably too far for The Man to comfortably commute every day. And, also with the shhhh etc...

It was nice, though.


We'll keep looking. There is a place we found online that we are very interested in and will keep pursuing. We've been speaking with a realtor from the company who is listing it since before we arrived here. But, she's on holiday this week and has passed us off to a colleague for the time being. The colleague is veeeery hard to get a response from. But, we'll keep trying!

Wish us luck!

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