Monday, April 26, 2010


Day 29 (almost a month, omg!) was another day of post and paperwork. It was raining a little this morning, and without fenders or any sort of rain gear (besides my Liberty of London for Target rain boots that I've been dying to wear) we decided to catch a Wieselmobil over to post.

Here in Germany, there are regular taxis and then there are what I would call car services. You have to call the car services - you won't see them parked outside of hotels or trolling for fares - but they're almost half as expensive as a regular taxi.

Our driver was named Helmut and he was a total trip. He spoke a little English, but not much, and he was thrilled to have captive Americans. He told us all about how he adores country music (it's his favorite!) and pick up trucks and Idaho. He was hands down the most fun cab driver I have ever encountered. And the very first truck loving, hoedowning European I've met!

While we were on post, we popped in to the thrift store again and I picked up four hardcover books. I love having hardcovers but HATE paying full price for them. Of course, I then had to cart all four heavy, heavy books back on the bus to the first post and then back to the hotel. And now I have to find someplace to pack them so I can cart them to our house tomorrow. Maybe not the best timing...

I can't wait to get into our house tomorrow and start shooting pictures and sharing our new home with all of you!


Alicia said...

I can't wait, either!! Email me your address so I can send you a package! (You get an APO mailbox, right?) Helmut sounds like a trip!

Have you figured out what your internet situation will be at the new place? And if you can do Words With Friends still using the iPhone as a iTouch?

Sylvia said...

LOL, I like Helmut! He likes Idaho. ;-)

Can't wait to see pictures of the house. :-)

Jennifer said...

Eh, the bad news is that it takes about four weeks to hook up Internet service here. Is what I'm told... Hopefully I can find a cafe or something with wi-fi in the meantime. And, no further iPhone research yet.

Lol Sylvia! I wish I had thought to tell him that my German friend lives in Idaho! You're living his dream life!!