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Today was a day that I really should have been carting my camera around on. It being Easter Sunday meant, of course, that almost everything was closed. But, we thought that maybe since Turks don't celebrate Easter, we could find a doner kebab stand open somewhere. There seems to be pretty large population of Turks living in Germany, and the doner kebab is very popular here.

Image from CheapoAir since I forgot my camera.

We did find one open, operated by a sweet, older Turkish couple and it was - as has been everything here - totally delicious. We also had one of those hilarious conversations that seem to happen to us all the time here. I don't know how many languages were flying, but at the end of it everyone caught the gist of it. I find that when I get flustered and don't have the right German words on my tongue, I start throwing in whatever I can think of. I end up saying things to maids like "peut-ĂȘtre, zwei minutes por favor" and things to lovely older Turkish women like "si, sprechen sie english. oh, me is japonais". ??!? I don't know. Hopefully, my brain will get it all straight one day.

We left there, and happened across the. coolest. park. EVER. I wish I had taken my camera! We'll go back another day and we'll take pictures next time. We had been wandering around Sindelfingen stadt-mitte (All villages and cities here have a stadt-mitte, which I think is roughly the same as a city center. They usually have a ton of shops, cute cobblestone type ground covering and a pretty fountain.), when we saw the playground. At first, we weren't sure if we were allowed to play on it since it was wedged in between shops, apartments and what may or may not have been some sort of school. But, the playground had a happy trash can like you see all over the city, so we figured it must be public.

There was also a little gelato/coffee shop right behind it, so I wandered in to get The Man and I a couple of milchkaffees. I'm not sure exactly what they actually are, but I believe they're pretty much lattes and they are very tasty. I was very proud of myself for having the entire (very basic) conversation in German, including asking her about her incredibly delicious looking cake and where the bathroom was when El niño came flying in, looking anxious.

We were surprised but happy to find a bakery open on the way home, and picked up some bread for dinner. Oh! And!! I found a yarn shop with beautiful fibers displayed in the window and I can't wait to head back to stadt-mitte when the shops are open.

After spending the morning at the park, walking about a mile each way for lunch, a while at the cutest park EVER and then hours in the pool this afternoon, I anticipate the kiddos knocking off in 3...2...1...

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