Monday, July 19, 2010

At Least A Cut Above The D List

In our house here in Germany, we have a built-in fridge that is lovely and matches the cupboards but is not magnetic. (I know, right!? I didn't even know there were fridges you couldn't overpopulate with kitschy souvenir magnets!) Having also relocated the junk drawer to a basket in a hall storage closet, I'm fresh out of spots to keep a running shopping list.

I came across two quite awesome printable shopping lists at A Print A Day and suddenly my motivation to create a spot for that running list went through the roof.

I picked up an old tin from a thrift shop.  Then, I covered a piece of cardboard with a coordinating pattern I printed and jammed it in the tin so that the pen wouldn't slide behind the lists. 

shopping list

I printed out the lists above and created some new ones of my own, that I'd love to now share with you.

printable shopping lists

Download the owl shopping lists here.

Download the vintage veggies shopping lists here.


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

These are adorable!! How nice that you made them into a download to share! Thanks so much for linking this up to Brag Monday.

maid marian said...

These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing a download. You're awesome!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, guys! Glad you like them!