Monday, July 12, 2010

Do you have the time?

Shortly after my ugly but functional clock radio became obsolete due to American vs. European voltage issues, my ugly but functional battery operated digital travel alarm clock kicked the bucket. Of course.

But, I've turned a new leaf in our new house and while I still promote function, form has taken on a new importance. So, I'm on the hunt for a pretty alarm clock and while I'm at it, why not a clock for another room or two. Currently without my ever present iPhone, I never seem to know what time it is anymore.

As always, my first stop is Etsy. And look what I found! Love.

fave clocks on etsy

1. hard drive clock by pixelthis
2. vintage Czechoslovakian Prim from ClockworkUniverse
3. vintage Russian Vitjaz from ClockworkUniverse
4. VW hubcap clock by GreenWisdom
5. vintage Russian Slava from ClockworkUniverse
6. splat desk clock by pilotdesign
7. Bulova mod pedestal from stilettogirl
8. green leaf clock by botanicraft
9. vintage German Europa from ClockworkUniverse
10. triangle clock by WoodstockClocks
11. vintage German Junghans from spacejam

1 comment:

allan said...

What a great collection of old and new clocks. Thank you so much for including my hard drive clock.