Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My town has fleas.

I've been trying to make it up to the Saturday flea market (flohmarkt, here) in Stuttgart for what seems like ages now. For one reason or another, I just haven't been able to make it. But, last week, a flea market came to me! What luck!

Holzgerlingen sommer flohmarkt

And when my little village has a flea market, they have a flea market. Oh my goodness, it was amazing! There were bands...

Holzgerlingen sommer flohmarkt
And I mean bands.

...food, beer gardens, wine booths, camels...

Seriously, camels.

...and booth after booth of wonderful flea market finds for the taking. At first, I was doing it wrong. Nothing had prices marked and I kept asking "was viel kostet das? (what does that cost?)" until I finally ended up side by side with locals at a few booths. They just name a price, haggle from there and make a deal. Fun!

I ended up walking home with some things I really wanted. I was on the hunt for tea cups for Cheeseball. She loves tea parties and throws them for herself and her dolls on a regular basis. Now that she's a little older and a little less prone to random breakage, I'd like to replace her kiddie tea set with vintage cups and saucers. In my mind, I picture a set wherein nothing matches but everything is pretty. So, I was mainly looking for those, but ended up with this instead.

my flea market haul

I can now report that sewing machines are heavy when you walk all the way home with them. I am quite pleased this one came with a handle. I've been looking for a sewing machine with European plugs and now I have one! I just need to figure out what all the German on my machine means and then how to sew. I mentioned recently that I was on the hunt for a "new" alarm clock and I found one!

my "new" clock

Isn't it cute!? I wasn't quite used to actual ticking, so at first it felt rather like trying to fall asleep next to a bomb. Unfortunately, Jack Bauer didn't pop up while I was dozing off, but neither did the clock explode. So, there's that. And I wasn't quite used to a clock that needed to be wound, so I forgot to do it at first and it stopped ticking. But, the clock and I have an understanding now. And the best part of all of this is that I only spent around € 25!!

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