Wednesday, July 07, 2010

In Training

My backlog of Things I Intend To Blog is only slightly shorter than my list of Crafts I Am Going To Get To. But, drop everything, the queue can wait a little longer...I got a package from Amazon today!

Are these the cutest training chopsticks you ever did see? I think they are.

I use chopsticks with any kind of Asian noodle and lots of other rice-based dinners, so the kids have been dying to master the art themselves.  A cool dude in a Korean restaurant whipped up some homemade learning chopsticks for them one night a while back, but despite these handy instructions, it hasn't worked out for us at home.

The super cute pair are working just fine, though! The kids requested a chopstick worthy meal, which I'll also blog...uh, one day.  For now, action shots...

1 comment:

Helga Marie said...

what a great idea-we are going to need some of those for EJ!!