Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's Call It Brinner. Or Dinfast.

Some days you just don't much feel like cooking. On those days, I try to resist the siren call of the frozen lasagna (and that call is sooooo good) by whipping up something easy and fun. Sometimes it seems all you have to do to muster up a little enthusiasm is take a little side road off your beaten path.

Days like that we come up with new things like Bacon and Eggs Spaghetti. Or It's-ah Breakfast-ah eh-Spaghetti. Or Noodle Eggs and Ham. Or Noodles Cooked By One Who Is Easily Sidetracked.


The kickoff point was a recipe posted long ago by my friend Lea of Smörgåsbord. I vaguely remembered her cooking some sort of noodle dish that she cracked an egg into, letting the heat from the noodles cook the egg.

I'm not that adventurous.

In fact, a very popular Japanese dish consists of cracking a raw egg into hot rice and mixing in a little soy sauce. It's called tamago. I scramble the eggs first and call it egg rice.

So, I scrambled the eggs, chopped and cooked the bacon, cooked the noodles and mixed it all together, letting the bacon grease coat and flavor the noodles. Less adventurous, still darn good.

breakfast spaghetti

And a bonus shot of the outdoor seating at a little cafe we came across as we wandered downtown Stuttgart the other day. Just because I really liked it.

cafe in Stuttgart, Germany

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