Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Space for El Nino

El Niño's room has always been the epitome of the function over form problem that permeates the entirety of Chez Sushi. The public rooms have to have some sense of decor or I feel like a total failure. A little girl's room is a little easier to decorate, and Cheeseball really cares about that kind of thing. So, her room has some personality. But, poor El Niño has been toiling away on his Lego cities and amassing his personal armory in a room completely devoid of style.

I had just resolved to do something about that when I happened upon this adorable digital print of an original illustration by june craft on Poppytalk. Poppytalk has repurposed their handmade market as an oil spill response market for the month of July and june craft is donating a portion of proceeds to the cause, making this an even more satisfying (yet totally inexpensive!) purchase.

Isn't that just awesome? I love the color, I love the motion, I love the retro styling...really, I just love it. I bought it on the spot and decided to build the rest of the room's decor around it.

el nino's room to be

He already has this bunk bed from Ikea, but he desperately needs a closet. German houses don't come with built in closets, so thank golf for Ikea. I like the idea of closed storage in these trunks for things like giant Nerf guns that don't really add to the room, but certainly mean something to El Niño. He needs to upgrade from his current (miniature) pencil shaped coat rack, in a bad way. In fact the only thing in this redesign that I probably won't purchase is the rug. Because it's crazy expensive. But, what I wasn't able to find online, I'm sure I can get my hands on in real life with a little bit of legwork and patience.

1. blanket from Ikea
2. bedding from Ikea
3. bunk bed from Ikea
4. coat rack from cb2
5. Pax closet from Ikea
6. ridiculously expensive rug that sadly contains all the perfect colors
7. metal storage trunks from cb2
8. bookshelf from Ikea
9. wall file for very important Lego magazines from cb2
10. lamp from cb2
11. vise grip bookends from cb2

And now that I've gone back through it all, I see that despite a very long and exhaustive Internet search and the saving of many, many links I managed to find everything at two stores. Well, that was efficient. The good news is that we have an Ikea here and I really am going to turn in those Marriott reward points for a Crate and Barrel gift card.

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