Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blogroll please

I've posted a blogroll in the sidebar. Yes, it took a little prodding. But, it's there now. Althouse - As I said in my inaugural post, this is one very smart, rather funky lady. She links to fascinating articles and issues, asks pointed questions and hosts a diverse and civilized (!) commentariat. Beauty Addict - Kristen Kelly, aka the Beauty Addict, is a little obsessed with makeup. She writes knowledgable and fun to read reviews - often on products that are new to me - and posts a fun silly celebrity makeup of the week. Christopher Althouse - Like me, he's just jumped in to the blogging side of the blogosphere and already he's got me hooked. Disparate and intriguing topics and fun photoblogging. Chronicles of Jake - Like my husband, he's going through the Special Forces Qualification Course here at Fort Bragg. He's an excellent writer with a fascinating subject. Frugal Fashionista - I'm loving this blog. She deconstructs stylish celebrity looks on the cheap. And she is so much more techno-savvy than me - no interminable parades of pictures on her site! Go Fug Yourself - Everybody knows who these girls are. No greater praise can be given than that of this anonymous reader: "Your shriveled little hearts must be made of tar." Manolo's Shoe Blog - Pretty shoes, hilarious commentary and a zany accent. What more could a girl want?


Kyahgirl said...

Hi jen, I never made here yesterday (since I was having my 'girl's weekend away for Mother's day!)

I hope we raised lots of money for Moms!

Christopher Althouse said...

Hurray! Blogrolls are cool. Especially when I'm on them.