Thursday, May 11, 2006

Indulge Your Senses at home

Aedes De Venustas carries a vast selection of unique European bath & body and fragrance collections. You can have your order giftwrapped in the most divine packaging. Seriously, they could send me burnt toast in this lovely flower embellished box and I would be thrilled. Ah, but they can do better than burnt toast. This lovely box contains L'Artisan Parfumer's Terracotta Amber Ball or Boule d'Ambre. This beautiful terracotta ball contains amber crystals scented with the exotic spices of the Middle East. The perfume naturally diffuses slowly.

This beautiful Teck & Tonka candle by Esteban reveals a spicy aroma with woody notes reminscent of Africa.

Agragria makes beautiful candles that burn slowly and last a long time. This one smells of lemon-scented verbena leaves with a touch of citron.

I love this next candle by Nanadebary of Vienna both for its sensually feminine scent and its chic design.

These pretty bottles contain a fragrance diffuser from Anthousa with base notes of musk and opulent floral top notes. Athenian Orchid & Jasmine from their Blossom Apothecary Collection.

These are some of my favorites from their Home Fragrance collection. They also have luxurious bath & body, skin care and fragrance collections that I'll cover in another post. Any order from Aedes De Venustas comes with 7 fragrance samples in 0.1 oz glass vials. You can denote (in the comment box at checkout) which fragrance samples you would like. Or, they can choose for you. You also just order 7 fragrance samples for a shipping & handling charge of $15. This is a great way to try some quite expensive niche fragrance houses.

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