Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm still a super star!

I'm getting old. I can admit this. What I hate to admit is that I'm going all soccer mom over here. Gwen Stefani is older than me and she's still maintaining! Me, all I've got is a teeny tiny bit of edge left.

The perfect place to indulge that last wee little bit of inner rebel is E.C. Star. In general, the line is more punk than I've ever been. But, some of the pieces are just perfect for me - even in all my suburban glory.

I love this dress. I love that its seersucker. I love that its black seersucker. Most of all, I love that they call it the Pirate Dress.

Because that means it goes perfectly with this fantastic tote.

I am so not a cat person. I'm not even sure why I like this simple tank top so much. But, I do.

I also really like this vintage birdie tee. I don't usually wear t-shirts, but I could make an exception for this one!

And lastly, this brings me back to my usual, girlie girl ways.


katiedid said...

Ach, I love the birdie tee, too! Except I hate, I mean really hate, that style of sleeve. I dunno, it just looks funny on me. Off to see what else may be found there!

Jennifer said...

Hee hee, yes, cap sleeves only seem to flatter stick arms. Happy shopping!