Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's Sephora Summer!

[Did you read that with a bouncy, Italian accent?] Sephora's quarterly catalog arrived in my mail box yesterday with lots of desirable objects. If you don't subscribe, you should. It's part beauty primer, part product pusher, and part trend watch - all parts good. Go here to request the catazine, magalog, whatever. I dig the Too Faced Quickie Chronicles in Tropical Tease. Yes, I'm a sucker for packaging...wha?? This retro faux dirty romance novel cover is already cool, but when they add Diamond Head as the background, they got me! It's just gravy that the Spiced Rum Palette with a soft bronzer, shadows and lip glosses is super pretty.

The catalog offers the fantastic tip of mixing a dollop of luminizer (like this one from Stila) with your tinted moisturizer or foundation. Or, in my case, primer. "This sparkly, dewy look is radiant in the sun and gorgeous at night..." I bet!

Those of us still getting up at night with a small but very loud baby and those of you lucky enough to be staying up at night could stand to try this Depuffing Action Eye Gel by benefit.

Take a scent like Bvlgari's Omnia Chrystalline - a delicate, woody, floral scent with notes of bamboo, Japanese pear (ever eaten one? TRY THEM!) and balsa wood - bottle it in this sleek silver number, drop it in a chic suede travel tote then make it a limited edition. And, I have to have it.

I'm also loving this summery, stripey, colorful brush kit.

My hair can only take so much sun and surf (okay, pool) before it starts to get kinda dull and frizzy. Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil is a fragrant cocktail of guava, mango, and passion fruit [for] shine, softness, and a lush scent. Yes please!

Phytoplage Hydrating After Sun Mist sounds like a necessity to me.

Email me for the promo code to get yourself a deluxe sample of one of the following with any purchase!

Michael Kors Leg Shine 1 oz., Dr. Brandt Daily UV Protection SPF 30 0.5 oz., Lorac Waterproof Lashes .118 oz., Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss .12 oz.


deleted said...

I just discovered this blog via scentzilla. Seems like a place of many temptations!

katiedid said...

I've always seen those Too Faced palattes, and then always passed them by. I love the look of the packaging, and the color schemes for the makeup itself is usually so easy to wear. I need to remember to give them a test run some time :) Happy Mother's Day!

Jennifer said...

benvenuta: Thanks for stopping by!

Katie: I have yet to succumb to the packaging too - but I think I may have to! Happy Mother's Day!