Monday, May 08, 2006

Savon du Monde

Visit Bon Savon for a trip around the world of soaps. You can shop soap by country, brand, soap type, skin type, ingredient, fragrance or design - wow! Starting out in the good old US of A, I found Nasturtia's Goat's Milk Soap in Lemon & Jasmine. That sounds like a wonderful combination of fragrances - and one that I haven't seen before. I like this English Country Herb Guest Soap set by Bronnley. They, of course, have pages and pages of wonderful French soaps. I really like this Côté Bastide Milk Cube.

Also from France are these pretty guest soaps by Pre de Provence in olive oil and lavender.

Kristen at Beauty Addict - this one's for you. Song of India's Nag Champa soap.

I like the pretty box and the mood-elevating geranium scent of this Italian soap set by Rancé.

I love the beautiful crane and turtle carvings on these Japanese soaps by Nagomi.

This ultra dramatic soap from Spain is a fantastic example of their black soap tradition. By Kala and engraved with Maria Evora's image.

This fun soap from Sweden still features the original box and bar design dating back to the 1920's. Pine scented.

I like the honeycomb and bee design on this Apiana honey soap from Switzerland.

You can see that I could get into a lot of trouble at this site!


la pulga diva said...

i have been racking my brain trying to come up with a clever but not too pricey housewarming gift for my boyfriend's parents...THANKS FOR THIS POST!!!

Jennifer said...

No problem! Glad you saw something you liked. Come back and tell me about the soaps once you get them! (And hopefully they'll put them right out in the guest bathroom so you can try them too. :)

Unknown said...

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