Thursday, May 18, 2006

Father's Day is on the way

Father's Day is coming up around the corner and its time to get shopping! I will probably do a few posts on this over the next week. Because, let's face it, men are a bit of a conundrum. While most men aren't particularly picky, they can be tough to shop for. Why is that? Well, thankfully, my husband is actually pretty easy to shop for. I know he covets the next few things. He has a personal GPS training device that he straps onto his arm before going on long runs or marches. It's great for helping keep track of distance and pace. But, he would love to upgrade to the Garmin Forerunner 301 Personal GPS with Heart Rate Monitor to track his heart rate and monitor his exercise intensity and performance.

He would also love to upgrade from his across-the-doorway chin up bar to this standing Chin & Dip Station (EA). And I would love for him to do his pull up stuff outside!

Now if your Dad or husband isn't an exercise obsessed paratrooper, I may be of less help. But, this Beer-O-Matic retro 12-can vending machine from Perpetual Kid may do the trick. It's just short of kegerator but with some style.

Throw rugs are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you're looking for a Father's Day gift. But these sewer cover rugs, also from Perpetual Kid, are pretty cool for a garage or shed.

The husband and I are from fly fishing territory where angling is considered just about on par with, well, murder. Orvis has fly tying kits from the basic all the way up to this juggernaut. However your giftee fishes, the best thing about a fishing gift is its explicit encouragement to get away guilt-free.

Always a hit with the husband (not so much the Dad) is really anything from

Or, for a gift that's more for you than him, try Kenzo Pour Homme Cologne. This is consistently picked as one of the best men's fragrances ever.

Don't forget that the best present you can give your husband or Dad is to let them know how great a Dad you think they are!


Jake said...

suunto makes a great gps/hr montior watch. your hubby may like that too instead. btw i find it difficult to comment on your blog as i'm not much of a shopper. however, visiting someone's blog and not commenting is like walking in someone's house and not saying hello.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Jake. I'll check it out. If you like, you can comment on the "Blogroll please" post. You're already in it.