Sunday, May 21, 2006

For your little L-A-M-B

Much like the lady herself, Gwen Stefani's L-A-M-B clothing line is expecting. These adorable crib shoes will be available June 1st.


Dawn said...

Are those baby shoes or adult slippers?

And I bet Gwennie is asking a bundle for them as well.

Jennifer said...

Those are baby shoes - but they look an awful lot like the full sized sneakers already out.

Yep - she wants $50 a pair. And you know she'll sell out. Fast. Sigh. :)

Dawn said...

The kid'll grow out of them before they're paid for!

Jennifer said...

I know, right!

Now I know why people hang the baby shoes from the rearview mirror. If you're paying up (and aren't an eBay unloader like me :) than you better get some use out of them! LOL