Sunday, May 07, 2006

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The Savannah College of Art & Design has a fantastic gallery store featuring the artwork of past and present students and faculty of the school. The inventory is an eclectic mix of different mediums and styles with lots of fun finds. I like these softly painted Italian bisque-ware plates. They are part of a collection by Tiffani Taylor inspired by a trip to the Vatican Museum. These fun note cards by Suzanne Rader are prints of her oil paintings. They make me want to write a letter! I am in love with these delicate sterling silver peony earrings by Hui-Mei Pan.


Rose said...

in regards to the Diamencel foot file question on beautyaddict's blog.

From what I understand the Diamencel files last a very very long time. I'd say with maximum use (1-2 times a week) they'd still be around after several years. The file is actually diamond dust, so that doesn't wear down very easily.

I've had both of mine for at least 2 years and both look like new. But I did find the #11 much more "aggressive" than the #20.

Jennifer said...

Hey thanks, Rose! And thanks for stopping by.

It sounds like I'm going to have to get myself one! I'll probably go for the #11 myself.