Friday, May 12, 2006

These for walls [too] has the largest collection of antique wallpaper in the world, spanning 1860 to 1970. Now, a minimalist like me doesn't generally have any use for printed wallpaper. But some of their designs are so pretty that even I could appreciate them. In limited doses, of course - below a chair rail, as a border accent, as a unique storage box cover, etc. As always, I'm most drawn to the Chinoiserie.

Their bathroom collection has some very pretty, very feminine florals. My husband would not actually tolerate any of them on the walls. Perhaps your house is estrogen exclusive.

From the rare and unusual collection, I love this. It is indeed unusual.

They have some fantastic très-70's mylar wallpaper.

For the kiddos, I like these funky little numbers.

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Emotenote said...

I love chinoiserie as well as well as vintage fabrics, I have a few pieces like these and I treasure them, and am still trying to decide what to do with them