Friday, May 05, 2006

Head over to Overstock

If you haven't yet discovered, you might be one of the last people on Earth. But, you're in for a real treat! I recently picked up these fabulous black & white slides from Italian label Miss Sixty. They retail for about $200 and I picked them up at Overstock for $36.99. Plus $1 shipping. Seriously. As The Manolo says - a savings of over $160 of the American dollars! Overstock carries a ton of designer and high end label items at ridiculous discounts. They also carry lots of junk. To help you wade through it all, I'm going to put up a weekly post with some of their best deals as well as coupon links for you, my loyal readers. All three of you.

Free Shipping 5/5 to 5/8 or 8% off (Max $25)

These Dolce & Gabbana Sample Zoccolo Platforms are so perfect for this summer's platform mania. They only have them in pink and only in a few sizes but they are a serious steal at $142.99. (Catalog #: 161324)

I like these Roberto Cavalli Black High Heel Sandals because they are so basic-go-with-everything but at the same time they have the cute little coin accent buckle that makes them a little different. (Catalog #: 155793)

I usually prefer a higher heel, but who is more summer than Tommy B? The beading on the Tropical Teaser Sandals from Tommy Bahama is wonderful. And these will go perfectly with this season's haute neutrals. (Catalog #: 10018027)

My little girl is already the proud owner of way too many shoes. (Is there such a thing?) But, I wish she were big enough for these! The rhinestone studs around the sole of these Little Laundry Willow Clogs seal the deal for me. (Catalog #: 10018002)

I may be shoe-obsessed, but I won't leave you without at least a little variety. This Valentino knit halter is so feminine and pretty. I love the lace trim! (Catalog #: 151602)

If you are a size 6, you are in luck. This beautiful silk skirt with lace overlay is from Valentino. $242.99 y'all - that's 95% off!! (Catalog #: 151468)

They also have a classic Valentino strapless...erm, I love Valentino. Is that obvious? The line is just so feminine and so pretty.

Rounding out the list is this god-awful margarita glass. Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Catalog #: 10109208)

I've included catalog numbers - which are searchable on Overstock's site - to facilitate your saving! Never forget the number one rule of shopping - if it's on sale, you're not spending. You're saving!

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