Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Urban Garden

With the summer on the horizon, the husband and I are ready to start turning the land surrounding the house into actual landscaping. The Urban Garden has just the kind of sleek and modern garden accessories that we covet. The company is in the UK, but you can call for a shipping quote on anything you see on the site. While I really want these super-futuristico wall planters, I'm not sure how practical they are. I can already see myself out there shining them up multiple times a day. And, I'd hate to blind one of the neighbors with a stray sunbeam. Still, I like!

I dig these recycled tire planters on a couple different levels. They have a real industrial vibe with a handmade look.

And, they remind me of the wacky hey-honey-let's-build-an-Earthship-days. What, you didn't live those? Well, look closely, you'll see the recycled tires in the foundation.

I love this sleek table set. Its way more art than adirondack.

This next piece is a ceramic fire bowl. It's really just a fancy candle. But, I'm going to pretend its big like an outdoor fire pit. Because, that's what I'd like it to be and this blog is all about my little material heart's desires. Okthanksbye.

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